Month: February 2020

Truck Improvements that aren’t just for Aesthetics

Much like the difference between newbie and pros, it is the same with a normal pickup truck and tow truck used for RV towing. It’s somewhat safe to say that these trucks are mostly used for roadside assistance as well as vehicle recovery services compared to average tow trucks...
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Impressive Innovation – Smart Glasses

Whether you kjøpe briller på nett or get them from your eye doctor or from different eyewear shops, the main function of an eyeglass is to better and correct our visual acuity, and this had been the main purpose since early years. Today, makers of eyeglasses and internet innovators...
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Surviving a Drone Crash on Water

Thus, your drone has become a body of water, a river, the sea, a swimming pool maybe. The kind of water really does matter. Landing water is landing saltwater although you were not provided a decision. Saltwater is electrically conductive and corrosive, therefore the possibilities for each and each...
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