Month: April 2020

Governments’ Use of IT and Digital Tech Amidst Pandemic, An Eye-Opener?

It took a coronavirus pandemic for governments to comprehend the significance of using information technology in ensuring continuity of critical operations.   The UK government’s computerised systems, for one, are notorious for lapses and glitches. Computerised systems in most governments are mostly robust, only as far as handling increased...
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The TikTok Technology: The AI Platform

ByteDance created a comprehensive international video environment through curious mixture of prediction technology and human censors. ByteDance is a newer Chinese game player in the big tech firm. It handled to maintain the range of wide market of consumers based on the global scale through its video platform popularly...
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Shipping Goods to the World Fast

Shipping is one process that drives a company and ensures their achievement. Shipments must arrive punctually so as to keep customers happy and develop a dependable. They must be in good condition. The provider that manages both emergency and routine shipments is very important. They decide how well your...
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