Month: October 2020

The Importance Of Microelectronics In The State of Modern Technology

Thanks to mankind’s hunger for knowledge and discoveries, we have continued to develop our technology, which is evident in the way humans live their lives compared to a century ago. For an instance, because of rapid progress in computer sciece and integrated circuits, man can now represent datas through...
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How Instagram Algorithm Works?

Changes in Instagram algorithm is affecting everyone who is using the platform. And businesses are the ones that are most affected by every new iteration on its algorithm. Because after they buy Instagram followers, they again have to think on how to effectively implement it to yield the most...
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The Difference Between Co-browsing and Screen Sharing Technologies

Companies like Apple and Amazon are incorporating visual involvement solutions in their companies, permitting the creation of more powerful, deeper client relationships and carrying their client experience to a different level. These options comprise the likes of co-browsing and video chat, among others. “Adding a human touch into a...
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