Making a Profitable Twitch Advertising Campaign

Businesses, brands, influencers, and celebrities are on Twitch, yes not just vloggers and gamers but as well as brands. It is basically one of the most used streaming channels that everyone is enjoying today. Basically, these people are the ones we called ‘Twitch people’ because of the reach they are enjoying today.


If you are a newbie, that doesn’t mean you can’t reach that kind of follower count too. The tip is? Don’t go directly to the buy twitch viewers while you can still be able to do more.

Millions of people are using a Twitch advertising campaign. Chances are, you’re already one of them. But what if your Instagram advertising campaign has been going on for a while without success? What if you’re among the unlucky ones who can’t seem to get good results?

If that’s the case, I understand what you’re going through. I was once where you are now — unable to hack Twitch marketing. The simple truth is, a Twitch advertising campaign can be tricky if you don’t know what you’re doing.  

Effective Twitch Advertising Campaign

As a type of media, live streaming is not a unique concept. Television and radio have been doing live shows for years. The main point that makes streaming so distinct and interesting for us in terms of Twitch marketing is a high level of interaction and instant feedback. Twitch fans not only watch media, but they are also a part of creation as well.

Using the same marketing tactics on TV, radio and live streaming may not be wrong, but it is a waste of the potential of the new medium.

Which is why these tips should help you.

Know your Audience’s interests

The key to any effective Twitch advertising campaign is making it play to your target audience’s interest. You want to come up with ad strategies that pander to their preferences. So how can you do that? First off, by figuring out what those preferences are. Like, knowing your audience by age, location, and interests like clothing, fashion, travel or active sports.

Give Your Viewer a Vote

This is also another way of engaging with them. People love to control things. The same is related to your audience: give your fans a sense of control. This point is very similar to a common goal but is more about furthering competition and gaining more word of mouth.

  • Allow viewers to vote on what happens to the streamer
  • Let them choose a song or next game to play
  • Reward fans’ behavior on external social media channels in order to bring the word of mouth beyond Twitch.