Brassiere Technology from Its Simple Beginnings as Breasts Support

Inventors of early forms of brassieres weren’t called tech innovators, as studies of past cultures show even primitives invented some form of breast support. It clearly shows that even during ancient times, women found the need to support and protect their breasts when doing daily chores. In the medieval centuries, the concept of bra-like undergarments were invented to make the loose chemise more supportive of female breasts.


The Origins of Bra Inventions

Most of the early breast support inventions were in the form of cloth band, which modern women of today sport as bandeaus type of bras, The early bra forms were said to have originated around the 1500 in Europe that later developed into “stays” or the “boned” undergarments that became popular during the 17th to 18th centuries. They later became corset in the 19th century, to help women keep up with the emerging fashion that gave emphasis to hourglass figures.

However, by the 20th century, many women finally wanted to liberate themselves from the tight fitting contraptions, but still wanted to remain fashionable looking. The need led to the invention of brassieres as the more comfortable type of breasts support and at the same had the same body contouring effect. Corsets on the other hand, became girdles that wrapped around the waist as a form-fitting undergarment for the lower torso.

This actually signaled the start of the feminist movement, which several decades later spurred the “burn-the-bra movement.” The non-wearing of bras symbolically expressed women’s liberation from traditions that suppressed their rights to receive equal treatment as members of society.

Nonetheless, as brassieres were originally conceptualized as breasts support, not all women were as willing to do away with them. That being the case, brassiere technology mainly focused on developing bras that all the more emphasized femininity, as women started emerging as powerful forces in different professions.

Applying technology became important in creating brassieres that would meet the needs of different women in their respective roles or professions and according to their age levels.

Application of Technology in Bras for Older Women

Today, brassiere technology is also focused on developing bras for older women in consideration not only of their physiological changes but also of ailments that make it difficult for them to reach clasps behind their back. Depending on the physique of older women, breast muscles could either weaken and sag, while others tend to shrink.

Old age can also make it difficult for mature women to hunch over and bend without having proper back support. The best designs are those that are flexible enough to wear without having to struggle with back clasps, but at the same give older breasts a lift and nice shape. After all, women in their senior years can still look fashionable and attractive despite their age, as it is a good way of boosting their confidence and interests in living their mature years to the fullest.

That’s why it’s good to encourage the older women in your family to check out the best bras for older women at online stores like Amazon, so they’ll know that there are brassieres designed specifically for their needs.