Finding Toys for Donation for a Good Cause Using Your Technology

Where Can You Donate Toys for a Good Cause?

We usually clean up toys at home about once a year. We then check what is in the cupboards and whether toys can Box, Cardboard, Map, Book, Painting, Flag, Toweralready be removed. I notice that now that many parents are at home, the toys are cleaned up once more. You can of course try to sell it on Marktplaats, but often that does not yield much. Reasons to look at which charities you can donate gifts for 10 year old boys second-hand toys. In any case, never throw away the toys you no longer use, because there is always another child who is happy with your second-hand toy. In addition, it is also sustainable to give toys a second life.

Donate Toys and Cuddly Toys

We regularly give something away to friends with younger children. For example, we gave a friend’s son on his first birthday Laura ‘s trolley that still looked very nice. Very nice to give the toys a second life. But did you know that you can also donate toys and cuddly toys to a good cause using technology? There are many charities that are happy with it! Here is an overview of 10 charities where you can donate toys and cuddly toys:

1. Baby stuff foundation
For parents who live in poverty, the Baby Equipment Foundation ensures that parents receive a starter package with baby equipment. Many parents know that you can donate baby clothes for this good cause. But did you know that Baby Stuff Foundation is also happy with second-hand baby toys? A cuddly toy or toy is also included in every starter pack. Think of baby books, blocks, or soft hugs. A nice charity to donate toys and cuddly toys! Please read the guidelines on the Baby Stuff Foundation website that the toys and cuddly toys must meet.

2. Toy bench
In many places in the Netherlands, you can donate toys that are still good to a toy bank. See if there is a toy bank somewhere in your area. Here volunteers collect toys for families who are short of cash. Children of parents who have no money for new toys can then come and pick out toys, cuddly toys, and books. It depends on the region how often children can come to find out.

3. Salvation Army
Should there be no return point in your region where you can donate old stuffed animals? Then consider the textile bins of the Salvation Army. Here you can always return old plush toys and they do not have to be beautiful or useful, which is the case with many charities. Everything is recycled by the Salvation Army.

4. Foster care organizations
Foster care organizations are often happy with good second-hand children’s clothing, baby equipment, and toys. In our region, the foster care organization Sterk Huis has a shop where you can donate second-hand toys and cuddly toys. They sell this toy for a very low price or give it away for free to families who cannot afford new toys. Inquire at the local foster care organization.

5. Asylum seekers center (AZC)
Many families who end up in an AZC have almost no items. What they have is mainly some clothing and personal items. The AZCs are therefore often very happy with parents who want to donate second-hand toys to families. Recently I saw a news report that the AZC in our neighborhood (Gilze) is holding a toy fundraiser for children. They are mainly looking for games, puzzles, and craft supplies that children can have fun with or play with. Inquire at the AZC in your area.