Fluorescent Lighting, Illuminating The World

The very first reliable light bulb had been introduced by Thomas Edison in 1897. From then on, the invention had been re-engineered to meet the demands of the population. British scientists introduced the fluorescent technology also in the mid-1800s although the patent had been recorded to be in the early 1900s by Peter Cooper Hewitt.

To this date, the use of fluorescent lighting is in use even before the introduction of LED lighting systems. There are varied benefits of using fluorescent lighting versus the use of incandescent lighting. The top reason is the low cost of energy that comes with it.

Three Lighting Technologies For Varied Uses

Hotel and residential lighting systems generally make use of CFLs or what’s called Compact Fluorescent Lamp such as the industrial pendant lights to take the place of incandescent lamps to reduce electrical costs. CFLs are also are a great choice for easy installation in ceilings or even on top of table fixtures. Interior lighting in office setups makes use of a vast range of tubular fluorescent lamps.

Halogen lighting style is the recommended lighting technology for stores that feature displays. This is also called retail lighting because of the color and the spotlight effect generated by these lighting solutions. HID lams or the High-intensity discharge lamps render the output of high-brightness and are commonly intended for outdoor as well as street light uses.

The LED Light Lamps or the Ligh Emitting Diodes. This type of lighting system is typically utilized for emergency lighting and also for mood uses. This is due to the color mixing characteristics of the LED lighting system. This type of lighting provides low power use, minimal maintenance, and it can last for a longer time. This kind of lighting technology has a varied electrical feature and calls for a specialized control system.

LED Lighting & Efficiency

Lighting today has gone a long way from the time it was first invented to industrial pendant lights that are taking over the market. Lighting includes residential, offices, outdoor, and emergency lighting.