Freemium Online Selling Software ; Ready Solutions in Addressing Pandemic Disruptions

Thanks to the “freemium” offers of online selling software as they helped many small businesses to quickly bring their business online amidst the COVID-19 crisis. The need was immediate, with most financial resources newly invested in products and assets that would have trended in line with traditional events. As the disruptions caused by the pandemic dragged on, many small and medium scale retailers took on the free offers of digital selling and marketing technologies.

While some simply had their products listed on Amazon, the biggest existing e-commerce retail platform, others found a better solution with the freemium offers of Groove Funnels, an online sales system. The platform not only provides free website building tools, but also freemium features that entrepreneurs need so they can immediately sell their wares and services online.

Examples of Groove Funnels’ Freemium and Premium Offers

Groove Funnels’ GrooveSell™ comes complete with a shopping cart and other applications that normally would have required additional integration, and in some cases require fees. Moreover, the free to use online selling platform runs on a sales funnel system. Here, it became possible for online sellers to focus their selling and marketing strategies on customers with the likeliest potential to generate the much needed business revenues.

The most attractive feature about Groove Funnels is that online sellers can benefit from the funnel system free of charge, for life; or until free users decide that their businesses have grown in ways that can be sustained by harnessing the premium tools offered to paid subscribers.

Some examples of the premium tools that Groove Funnels offers to paid subscribers include GrooveMail™, which is a potent email marketing system that empowers the built-in email to send notifications based on customer behavior analyzed by way of tagging. There is also the Groove Video that online sellers can use in creating compelling video content to market their brands across different social media sites.

Closer Look at an Independent Review of a Groove Funnels Free-User

A Groove Funnel free user published a full-page review, detailing not only his background as a former UPS worker, up to becoming a reseller of curious and other interesting finds, which led to his discovery of the Groove Funnels online selling system.

As one of the freemium users of Groove Funnels software, he had expected to receive a flurry of marketing emails to appear in his personal inbox. As he continued using the software free of charge and after building a number of free websites to use in selling online, he finally received an email that came from one of the founders and not just from the support team.

The email gave information about a new feature that was set to be released soon, whilst serving as an invitation to attend a how-to-session. Out of curiosity, the reviewer attended the session. To his surprise, the session carried on as promised, a presentation of the new feature and an opportunity for Groove Funnels users to ask questions on other areas of concern. According to the reviewer, he decided at that point to upgrade his membership and explained why.

”The reason why i upgraded is that I realized what I was receiving from Groove Funnels is genuine help.” “The providers behind the software do not pitch, upsell or make product offers but instead take time to hold a session for a new feature that was already intuitive, if only for the benefit of those who are new to online selling.”

Apparently, if that is Groove Funnels’ strategy for winning over freemium users support as paid subscribers, then it’s a win-win situation for both the software provider and its users. After all, Groove Funnels also need revenues in order to maintain and improve their online selling platform.