High-Tech Security Fence of Israel to be installed on Mexican Border

The American delegation visited Israel to visit the nation’s boundaries with Egypt and the Gaza Strip.

Delegation members were thrown a “smart border” security theory to be executed across the U.S. – Mexico border.

The United States government has a new arrangement with the Israeli defense technology firm Elbit Systems, to execute advanced security programs around the U.S. boundary with Mexico, like the safety technology used across Israel’s boundaries.

The program requires the execution of technologies as well as the building of monitoring towers, such as sensors in addition to communications and tracking processes to fight border infiltration from below and above ground.

Throughout his 2014 election effort, the U.S. President lauded Israel’s border safety experience when rapping on his planned wall to the U.S. – Mexico border.

“You can ask Israel about the walls that function. Believe it or not, the walls are effective,” the president told a rally in Atlanta at February 2014.

An Israel-based representative of Elbit Systems said, “Because, we’ve been receiving calls from several media outlets about a narrative regarding the U.S. government contracting Elbit to get a new border safety program. This isn’t correct.”

“Elbit Systems of America has been granted contracts for two components of their U.S. – Mexico boundary and also what happened last week was one of those components was approved by the client,” the agent added. “This really is the sole thing which happened. That really is nothing new. It is not a brand new award, it is not a contract. It is a classic story.”

The boundary involving the U.S. and Mexico crosses varying kinds of terrain including deserts, plains and mountains, which also finds a few people cross illegally to America every year. Further, the Mexican drug cartels web on narcotics smuggled into the U.S., frequently through dozens of tunnels under the boundary.

The cartel tunnels operating under the U.S. – Mexico boundary are very similar to tunnels dug from the Gaza-ruling Palestinian terror group Hamas below the boundary with Israel. The tunnels of hamas have been utilized also to launch attacks within the Jewish nation and to smuggle weapons.

Even though a cyclone fence constructed across the boundary in the Sinai desert has helped decrease the amount of migrants entering the nation the security fence across the boundary with the territories has averted terror attacks within Israel. Israel has begun the building of a 80 million fencing along its border.

“The U.S. President is correct, I constructed a wall across Israel’s southern boundary. All immigration ceased. Fantastic success. Fantastic concept,” the Israeli Prime Minister’s statement on social media February 2016, drawing wrath from Mexico’s international ministry.

Underneath the supposed new arrangement, Elbit’s U.S. division would apply its Integrated Fixed Tower (IFT) border protection system combined several-hundred kilometers of Arizona’s border with Mexico, and the machine would gradually extend to other regions of the U.S. – Mexico border.

Elbit Systems of America will also supply U.S. government with advanced surveillance equipment, such as sophisticated radars and detectors fitted to detector towers located along the edge. The programs would offer also a view of their safety situation along with 24/7 surveillance abilities to border patrol agents.

The machine was approved by U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) in September and executed at Douglas, Ariz., signaling Elbit’s second powerful installation of this machine, together with the first happening in the Nogales, Arizona, in accordance with the Israeli business.

The Elbit Systems of America’s CEO and president stated, “We achieved this significant milestone by working closely together with CBP and comprehending their representatives’ requirements. Border Patrol agents rely upon our homeland security options to provide situational awareness and improved security.”