How Art and Technology is Correlated?

Whether art imitates life or life imitates art, one thing’s for sure and that’s the fact that technology plays a pivotal role in modern forms of both worlds. Technology is now a necessity than luxury that was once accessible only to the affluent. Aside from streamlining and increasing industrial productions, technology has a major impact as well on art world.

Deciphering the Connection of Technology and Art

Below is an overview how tech advancements is shaping the world of art.

Tech is a great tool to make new art – whenever a new possible way of creating art emerges, rest assure that artists always get a first hands-on experience.

Technology provided new and exciting methods to create and artists have never fallen short or been shy to try and explore its full capabilities. Both video and digital art constantly increase in the past few years and artists used these mediums in creating innovative works.

Eric Standley, a Virginia based artist made stained glasslike piece by using laser-cut papers.

At times, technology is the actual art itself – in some cases, tech itself is part of the formula. In an exhibition called as Assemblance, lasers are used as the art itself. When visitors walk through colored laser beams and smoke, it creates drawings and structures with light.

The audience soon learns that when working together, the shapes they create are more complex and less fragile. This work actually set the hallmark of various art projects that have incorporated technology. It challenged artists to produce work that’s both dynamic and interactive.

Constant expansion of access to art – the world of art has been a sort of exclusive club quite often. If you’re an emerging artist, it’s a big achievement to have your work displayed in galleries. Lacking of money can sometimes be a challenge to buy or even see fine art collections.

Among the hallmarks of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology is its capacity to democratize marketplaces while removing the need for a central authority. That is exactly their purpose for the art world. There’s actually a blockchain platform where it lets you get “shares” of piece of work like you’d do in a company. Due to the reason that you do not necessarily have to buy the entire piece, it’s more economical to invest in artwork.

Caution Before Proceeding

While it is true that technology is heavily used in creating art, please be reminded of the things that oversee its legal use. This is for your own good and to prevent using bail bonds just because you have made a small mistake that is a serious violation in the art world.