How Can Virtual Reality And Music Be Combined

The day on which he plunged into virtual worlds for the first time was burned in Fabio’s memory forever. At an information event at his university, the then student tried out the prototype of virtual reality glasses and was immediately “flashed”. That was in 2014, the technology was still in its infancy. VR was “far from what we know today, but enough to convince me,” remembers Fabio. He called his friend Fatih and asked him what he thought of the new technology. Coincidentally, Fatih had just been able to gain initial experience with VR: “We both said: totally cool! In any case, let’s do something with it. ”

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Fabio and Fatih know each other from kindergarten. In addition to many memories, the two share a love of music – and, since 2014, a fascination for VR. They asked themselves: “How can VR technology be combined with the topic of music?” A few months after the phone call, both of them had the bachelor thesis and thus the opportunity to deal extensively with this question. Fatih studied interaction design, Fabio media management. They got the communication design student Jörg Kalhöfer on board and decided to implement the work as interdisciplinary cooperation. The goal: the prototype of a VR concert experience. While Fabio was responsible for the conception, Fatih and Jörg implemented the technical and graphic parts.

Concerts in artificial worlds

The three experimented with 360 ° cameras but quickly realized: “For the people who tried it, it was like a bad copy of an event. And that was not what we wanted ”. So they rethought – away from the most realistic possible representation to a unique, unprecedented representation: Instead of just filming concerts, they decided to build the events directly in virtual reality. They developed a technique with which they could transfer artists and fans into the digital world and built virtual backdrops.

The three of them didn’t let go of the concept even after they graduated: “We thought either we’re going into professional life, looking for permanent positions and in a few years’ time we’ll be annoyed that we’ve made nothing of this cool idea. Or we can try our luck now and just do a start-up. ” NOYS VR was born. At first, Fabio, Fatih, and Jörg still financed their lives through freelance jobs. Every free minute flowed into their own start-up: They fine-tuned the technology, optimized designs, kept coming up with new elements to make the experiences even more exciting.

Virtual Reality opens up new design options

The effort was worth it: The virtual concerts by NOYS VR open up new worlds for artists with breathtaking possibilities. The musicians are given the opportunity to create stage shows according to their taste. Only the imagination defines what is possible: “This is a crazy opportunity! With VR we can design worlds freely. Worlds that fit the storytelling, the brand, the history of the musicians and organizers ”. In an experience for the Elbjazz Festival, NOYS VR let a huge container ship hover over the audience.

VR concerts not only open up previously unknown options for creative professionals. The experiences of NOYS VR also have a lot in store for music lovers: During the event, viewers can communicate with one another and move freely through the virtual world. On their way through digital space, they regularly come across objects that invite interaction – elevators that catapult into a bird’s eye view, spray cans spraying paint, and helmets that activate new levels of sound when they are put on. That makes an impression: “A lot of people who saw our concerts three or four years ago can still remember what happened in there,” says Fabio.