How Instagram Algorithm Works?

Changes in Instagram algorithm is affecting everyone who is using the platform. And businesses are the ones that are most affected by every new iteration on its algorithm. Because after they buy Instagram followers, they again have to think on how to effectively implement it to yield the most results.

Generally speaking, the platform’s algorithm is what deciding which post people would see in their feed. The thing is, in these times were the world is still in pandemic, this frays attention and it forces brands to work twice as hard to keep up. There are so many competitions nowadays and believe it or not, 75 percent of businesses in the US are using Instagram as a form of marketing tool and 90 percent of accounts in the platform are following a certain business.

How the Algorithm Works?

Not only that, its algorithm is focused more on machine learning. This way, the way it is ranking posts made is evolving. As a matter of fact, since Instagram put an end to its reverse-chronological feedback in 2016, every account’s feed on their platform is being organized as per the rules set by the algorithm.

With this in mind, which elements does the algorithm focus more and what action plan can brands do to navigate through the algorithm and be seen at the top of their follower’s feed?

As a matter of fact, there are three factors that the algorithm relies on and these are:


What Instagram wants is for people to spend more time on the application because of the so many things that it can offer and not because we incessantly scroll on one feed to the next. So what happens is, the algorithm is pumping up posts from accounts that a certain user is already interacting with. For creators and brands, this means that they have to level up their engagement amongst community and groups.


In the event that users enjoyed a post before, the algorithm is likely to show that content in the future. To give you an example, if a user interacted with a business or verified account more often, the likelihood is high that they’ll see more posts from that account.


More recent posts are likely to be shown on top of the feed.