How Technology Brought Traditional Massage Right into Your Seats?

Massage chairs have been endowed with technology. Now many variations and features you can find in one. This makes interested shoppers to become mindful of their buying decision as such purchase are supposed to be a long-lasting one. These days, there are 3 iterations for massage chairs that you can find in the market which are 2D, 3D and 4D technology massage chair.

Of course, still remember that massage rendered by real people from are better. This is because they can perform manual manipulation on areas on your body that you want more focus. The chairs though are good alternatives when you don’t have time to go to a massage spa. The question now is, how you are going to make a selection among the three?

2D Technology in Massage Chair

These are the traditional chairs and very commonly bought in malls. These chairs have a basic design and works beautifully in relaxing tensed muscles while soothing your body. Oftentimes, it has the following:

  • Works along the X and Y axis
  • Rolling and kneading actions with some chairs have width and speed adjustment
  • Performs in 2 dimensions while keeping flat on one plane

3D Technology in Massage Chair

When looking for a massage chair and has enough money to spare, then you would definitely want to try this out.

These are called as the higher tier machines for it provides additional movements allowing rollers to move in and out for better therapy. Features for such includes:

  • Provide enhanced and deeper intensity of the massage as and when needed
  • Work along the X, Y and Z axis
  • Human-like massage as it press back like what professional massage therapists doe
  • Scan the shape and height of the body and provide a more customized massage session

4D Technology Massage Chairs

These chairs are coined as 4D together with the features brought by 3D massage chairs but here, rollers have the ability to turn. Because of that, these chairs can reach even deeper in your body and those who are suffering from shoulder and back problems can truly enjoy the benefits of this massage chair.