Informations On How To Acquire An Apostille

Certifying Fashion Institution of Charter for Use Overseas

Overseas countries may need a certificate just like a diploma or degree, official records, and/or enrollment/graduation confirmation letter to be guaranteed in order to be accepted in the overseas authority. An Apostille service or Authentication document the written name and the position of the official who has implemented, issued or verified a copy of a certificate. Make sure you check with the nation in which where you will be employed or studying to discover if they will need an Apostille service or Authentication. Certification must only be finished if the company accepting the requirements to give an Apostille or Authentication.

 Acquiring an Apostille or Authentication for Fashion Organization of Technology Certificates

1. Mail an authorized request, which involved your full name, FIT ID number, and contact number, to the Registrar Office, your FIT documents to be attested and:
a. bring your original diploma
b. transcript record
c. proof of request

2. Present the attested record to the Administrator Office. The administrator will approve the signature of the amanuensis public. Payments fee will be per document.

3. Present the certificate to the district to affix the Apostille. The Department of State fee is per document.

If the foreign state is a underwriter to the Hague Abduction or will receive the Apostille, the certificate is ready to use and authorized.

4. If  Apostille authorization is needed in other country, present the certificate to the  office. They will give you a certificate and sealed by the Department of State validating the certificate. And a fee per document.


Countries that aren’t under writers to the Hague Convention or Huge Abduction may entail that the papers go through an extra method for acquiring an “authentication.” The office of authentication ratify the papers in the foreign country.

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