Modernized Equipment in the Criminal Law

Nowadays, the era of technology has become the center of living around the globe. And in all types of fields and industry, technology contributes to the majority of their changes. The field of criminal law has been affected by this change through technological innovation. From the happenings in the crime scene and the types of evidence to crime investigation, technology had made a lot of changes.

The Technological Changes in the Criminal Judicial System

Here are some of the updated and probable technologies being utilized within the criminal law. And some of these technologies had been included in the Dallas white collar crime defense lawyer tips.


This updated system in the criminal field has the ability to identify gunshots and recognize their specific location. ShotSpotter contains sensors that can spot the place of the incident as well. This new technology can be very helpful because of the inclusion of the national registry that has the ability to determine mug shots through the facial recognition program. The operation of the ShotSpotter can happen in just a few seconds via computer-generated contingency ratings.

Home Incarceration Technology

The next updated technology within the criminal justice field is the probability of the home incarceration system that entails modernized surveillance apparatus such as cameras, sensors, and microphones. This new system is in direct difference to the traditional way of imprisonment. However, there is a high risk for abuse of this system

Self-driving Cars

An example of a complicated kind of technology is the self-driving cars which comprise too many questions of liability. But, the good thing is that this technology is not yet functional. It still needs a driver to make it run. And, laws in regulating self-driving automobiles are being implemented in almost many states as of now.

There is a law in North Carolina which mandates that an individual under twelve years old is not allowed to ride in a self-driving car alone.

Wrapping Up

Technological innovations are very much welcome by many states in terms of making laws and policies. To some extent, this new introduction to the criminal system can be really beneficial. However, the goals behind those advancements are really questionable most likely when it deals with the system of the criminal law.