New Technology Delivers Swift and Efficient Manufacturing Processes

We can’t stop technology from evolving. New technologies are being introduced which are intended to make our lives easier and make continuous economic growth. These days, technology has various applications in the manufacturing industry. This is in fact a great implementation as it improves and optimizes the procedures and steps in different manufacturing plants.

Let’s face the fact that integrating the newest software development and advances in hardware made manufacturing cheaper, autonomous and not to mention, more efficient. Truth is, there are so many ways how this can be done and following are what the world could expect in the future if this trend continues.

Lightning Fast 3D Printing

Even to this moment, there’s still limited application to 3D printing, especially in manufacturing of plastics. Making plastics per layer is not just time consuming but also, expensive than using conventional techniques such as injection molding.

On the other hand, Neil Hopkinson, one of the professors at University of Sheffield has been working on new 3D printing techniques which can make it more economical and applicable to mass printing of plastic objects. This technology he is creating is referred to as High Speed Sintering. This technique uses inkjet head in delivering material which it fuses along with infrared lamp. If perfected, the process could be a hundred times faster compared to the 3D printing technique used these days.

Smart Factory

If there’s something that we can bank on today, it’s that factories of the future will be smart. What this mean is that, it starts to move beyond basic automations and will begin incorporating technology in each and every process.

It promotes connection, flexibility and hyper efficiency.

New factories regardless if it is focused on manufacturing natural male supplement, electronics or any other product will be using technologies such as:

  • Artificial intelligence
  • AR and VR and;
  • IoT or Internet of things

All of these are geared to deliver fast and efficient service while reducing the cost of operations.

Light Based Manufacture

Why delve in expensive robots to be positioned in assembly line when you can make use of light? Researchers are now on the verge of creating light based manipulation platform. This may be used in manufacturing electronic components especially in computers and smartphones. This method depends on optical traps. The technology is so promising that it is capable of producing electronic parts fast at cheap rates.