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Advanced, Software-Based Digital Positioning Technology

EPOS technology is based on the transmission of ultrasonic acoustic waves between two or more devices via a Transmitter and a software-based Receiver.

Core Technology
The Transmitter, embedded within an input device, sends constant acoustic signals to the software-based Receiver that in turn, uses them to measure the distance and position of the pointing device(s).

The Transmitter
The Transmitter sends a unique ”whistle” (an ultrasonic signal with specific time and spectrum characteristics assigned to each device) to the Receiver, constantly informing it of its position. The Receiver ”hears” the whistle and uses the sound to estimate with pinpoint accuracy the timeframe it takes the acoustic wave to travel from the Wireless Terminal to the Receiver, by calculating time-of-flight (TOF). 

The Receiver
Each EPOS software-based Receiver is designed to “hear” many different wireless terminals, each ”whistling” its own individual signal, via two or more microphones embedded in the Receiver.

The number of transducers and microphones used depends on the application, as does the number of  ”degrees of freedom” (coordinates and angles in space) required for the wireless terminal. Many transducers can be placed in one wireless terminal as many microphones can be added to the receiver. 

Superior User Experience

Enabling advanced, embedded
technologies for both 2 and 3
Dimensional input solutions,
EPOS technology requires only
standard MEMs microphones.

Low in cost, easy to integrate and
requiring only minimal hardware and
design changes, EPOS advanced
positioning technology enables
e-reader, Media Tablet, TV,
Smartphone and digital pen
manufacturers to provide an
unparalleled user experience to
their consumers.

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