Playing Video Games – Could It Be Beneficial?

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The gaming market is rapidly growing where various video games are being developed and new video games released which could be played in various gaming consoles. However, not everyone is fond of and appreciate the technology.

The Benefits of Playing the Video Game Technology

Often times, playing video games are deemed by many people as “bad” and unhealthy. However, many research and study reveal that playing age appropriate video games could be beneficial to the brain as well as the body, such as the development of problem-solving skills, for stress relief, and for healthy stimulation of the brain.

So, what are the benefits that adults and children gain from playing age appropriate video games. Let’s have a look:

  • Visual-Spatial Skills. Video games, such as Minecraft, allow players to navigate virtual worlds in 3D. As they navigate these virtual worlds, they get to exercise their visual-spatial skills and have a better and improved understanding of space and distance.
  • Reading and Comprehension. A lot of video games require players to read instructions and the storyline to be successful in the game. Hence younger players get to practice their reading and comprehension skills. So, they not only get to enjoy the video game but also give their reading skills a boost.
  • Problem Solving Skills. Video games are created with challenges or tasks that players have to solve in order for their characters to level up, unlock items, move on the next level, and win the game. This then allows the player to look for the best possible solution to solve the challenge, problem, or quest.
  • Social Connections. As many video games are played online, players from all over the world could connect with one another. With proper precaution and guidance, especially for children, they could find people with similar interests, form a bond and friendship with them.
  • Promotes Creativity. A lot of video games encourages a player to be creative which fosters creative thinking.
  • Career in Video Gaming. Did you know that the winner of the $3 million cash prize in first Fortnite World Cup was only 16 years old? Apart from this, the other solo finalists of the said tournament won cash prizes as well that range from $50,000 to about $1.8 million each.