Surviving a Drone Crash on Water

Aerial Shot of Sea by A Drone

Thus, your drone has become a body of water, a river, the sea, a swimming pool maybe. The kind of water really does matter. Landing water is landing saltwater although you were not provided a decision. Saltwater is electrically conductive and corrosive, therefore the possibilities for each and each single type of injury are a good deal greater than in case you land at a pond, if you land in the sea. While there are gears that allows you to land in water with a drone, most of them doesn’t have this feature.

Let us discuss the Significant elements and the potential threat:

Main Board along with Circuitry

Water is electrically conductive (saltwater exceptionally so). Pushing your drone like creating a million short circuits all around the circuit boards is. Sometimes you get lucky and nothing happens. There are times that you blow off any circuitry (the engine speed controls are incredibly vulnerable as they’re pumped circuits).


Modern brushless motors, such as those on DJI drones, have virtually no moving components. There is only.

Gimbal Assembly

The gimbal assembly includes a few key rotating components, such as variable resistors that provide feedback regarding how much the motors have steered the arms. The number one enemy is rust. If you have it from the water fast enough (and obtained off the salt it by massaging in alcohol) that you may be fine.


Based on how heavy your drone countertops, and how much time it remains, water may force its way to the camera and then also cause scratches on the lens and the detector. This may signify you’ll require a camera that is.


The most effective thing to do using the battery when it becomes over a quick dip would be to ship it to a regional electronics center. A battery collapse comprises an explosion and at times a flame. Possessing this occur in flight is bad.

Quadcopter Flying Over the Sea

Next Actions

When the battery has been removed, the next thing to do is to halt the corrosive action of the water along with some other additives inside. We recommend draining the drone in isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol) which you purchase in the drug store. Isopropyl alcohol is quite inert, and it consumes water, therefore anyplace it gets on your own drone you’ll be replacing something awful (water) having something not as awful (alcohol).

Next, You Have to get the smoke and residual water out. This involves disassembling the situation and taking away the flight control from the enclosure (if that is the way your drone has been assembled). Everything with searing air, maybe not over 110 F. goes into a location

At the same time, you have it disassembled, you also must test mechanical damage. Hitting water could be as bad as hitting on the floor. Many water landings are crashes, using struck on a tree or anything else.

Twist the motors to ensure they move freely. Do the same using all the components that are gimbal.

If everything is fine and dry, and no more smells like alcohol, so you can place it back together.

Power-on Evaluation

Get an Original battery and add it. Press the power button but you need to be prepared to pull the battery out the instant that you detect anything odd (smoke, humorous odor, bizarre behavior, warmth, odd noises). You might end up doing harm if anything, from the ordinary occurs, do not go any farther. Send it. Then you might have, they’ve got better equipment and have noticed a good deal of drones.

If that is all great, then allow it to power up and test it out along with your control to be certain that there aren’t any error conditions. Ensure the camera gimbal rotates. This is your opportunity to find the image. Have you got a photo in any way? Might it be clear and fine? Or foggy?

Next undergo the IMU calibration process to be certain the airport is working correctly. Do a calibration.

When you’ve got a Mavic Guru or Phantom 4, then do exactly the obstacle avoidance calibration simply to ensure those cameras weren’t damaged. Elevation drops, which may enable you to crash into things can be caused by Problems with this system.

If all checks out, then you’re prepared for an easy evaluation flight. Low elevation hover check for equilibrium. Assess each controller to be certain all of 8 positions (left, right, etc.) function as expected.

One More Thing

If you have this far and what’s working, you are blessed. When film-making with drones, be mindful to fly your drone quite conservatively during the upcoming few flights to produce extra damage that is going to make it fall from the skies.