Taking Care of Business: Enhancing a Photography Website with an Online Gallery System

As a Maine wedding photographer I maintain a website in which to showcase photographs of different customers. That way, I can add value to my credentials as a professional photographer. After all, there are numerous photography hobbyists, who after perfecting their skills, also went into photography business. The fees we charge may be standard, but in order to have competitive advantage, I must showcase proofs that my kind of photography is a cut above the rest.

Putting up a photography website though, is not as simple as getting a domain to use as a promotional gallery. The marketing aspect is not the difficult part, as one can always hire a local SEO company to handle that part of the business. My main goal is to make my website a gallery of photos to use in promoting my business. I also wanted to make it usable as an online photo album that customers can access anywhere and anytime.

It later became apparent that in order to make my online albums a website attraction, I must ensure every album is protected from unauthorized access and viewing, particularly those taken as boudoir photographs.

About Boudoir Photography

One particular aspect with which my bridal customers take interest in, is the addition of boudoir shots to their wedding album. Not a few couples put their trust in me to take pictures of romantic poses, which in a way suggest the intimate moments to which their postures lead.

Boudoir photography after all, is a style of presenting subject/s in a personal and private setting, which as the caption suggests is a woman’s bedroom. Women, not necessarily brides-to-be, are quite taken by this style. In viewing their boudoir pictures, they can appreciate their body as subject of artful photographs, without feeling self-conscious of their appearance and sexy poses.

In researching for ways on how I can best provide this services, I came across online gallery systems that provide not only security enhancements; but also other features that can make gallery photographs more attractive.

What to Look for in an Online Gallery System?

Since security and privacy is an utmost concern, choose an online gallery system that gives you absolute control of the gallery, as well as of the wedding albums maintained for your customers. The system therefore must permit each customer to password protect their individual albums. Another way of guarding private albums is to keep them hidden from your website. This method will grant access by way of a URL linked directly to the customer’s password-protected account.

A good online gallery system must also have the capability to automatically adjust sizes and resolutions of images, whenever customers use a smartphone in viewing their albums. The purpose of which is to make sure the photographs look just as good when displayed by a smaller device. In relation to this feature, a well-built gallery system can furnish a mobile app that will optimize a customer’s image viewing engagement, as well as enable them to download photos in their smart device.

An exceptional online system is one that can also provide tools and functionalities that can help in aesthetically enhancing the overall appearance of your photo gallery website. Color settings, pattern variations, slideshow presentation with background music, logo creation and style customization to define your business brand, are some examples of features provided by an A-1 online gallery system.

Most importantly, a good gallery system must afford you opportunities of trying out the tools and features, free of charge and without requiring credit card information. Decisions to invest or not, on the system therefore, will likely be backed by results of actual usage.