The Concept behind 3D Printers and How it Works

3D printing is the process of creating 3-dimensional objects straight from a digital file. Creating 3D printed object can be attained by utilizing additive processes. In here, the object is brought to life by laying down several layers of materials until achieving the outcome. Every layer could be seen in thinly sliced horizontal cross-section of the project being worked on.

3D printing is actually the exact opposite of subtractive manufacturing in which this cuts out or hollows out a piece of either plastic or metal. Through 3D printing, it makes it possible to print complex and sophisticated shapes while using fewer materials when compared to conventional methods.

How 3D Printer is Achieved?

3D printers from and other models all begins by creating a 3D model from your computer. For this example, let’s say that the digital design came from a Computer Aided Design or CAD file. The 3D model can be either made from scratch with the help of 3D modeling software or it can be based on a data that’s generated by the 3D scanner. With the scanner, this makes it possible to create a digital copy of objects you desire. These objects can be a table, chair, vase or even more complex designs like a house and whatnot.

As of this writing, the cost of buying 3D scanners can range from industrial grade scanners which are quite expensive to DIY scanners that can be bought for a modest price of $30.

3D Designs using Software

There are various 3D modeling software that you can find today. There is the industrial grade software that’s going to cost thousands of dollars to use. And this amount is paid annually to keep your license active. But if you are seeking to save, you may search for open-source software that are free.

The beauty about using such software is the fact that it is designed to fit every industry’s requirements. This has lead to the upsurge of software that’s catered to specific industries or niches. Because of this, there are several software application that are made for furniture design, transportation, aerospace, fashion, fabrics and among others.