The Development of Aphrodisiac from the Ancient Times to the Modern Era

Natural aphrodisiacs like the rhino horn or tiger penis are usually hard to find as of today’s time. But, in order to update one’s my aphrodisiacs list, scientists are still conducting researches regarding the best and effective aphrodisiac of the modern times. Due to technological advances and the ways on how technology reshaped healthcare, scientists discover aphrodisiac qualities on some herbs and spices.



Generally, comprehensive studies of numerous plants and animals suspecting to acquire aphrodisiac qualities have been conducted. The ambrien, which is the product of sperm whale intestines excretion, and the Spanish fly are included in these vast research. Moreover, research reveals that nutmeg, garlic, cloves, and ginger have executed a moderate effect on animal sexual performances.

Fortunately, there is a wide range of herbs and spices that provides a promising effect on an individual’s sexual desire. There are also pharmaceutical innovations that produces drugs that claim to induce the sexual drive and desire.

Drugs that claim to increase libido are the Viagra and Cialis which are both a synthetic drug. The sexual desire of an individual must be on the process to make these drugs work.

Herbs and Spices that Prove to be an Effective Aphrodisiac

Way back the ancient times, plant parts and animal organs have been used to elicit pleasure and desire. Below is the list of those substances that can contribute on the elevation of one’s libido.


The aphrodisiac effect of saffron were originally studied in rodents. Results of this study shows that rats given with saffron extract seem to have an increase in their erection frequency.

Moreover, researches affecting human males reveal that the said plant extract is quite effective in the treatment of erectile dysfunction. However, it is not as effective as Viagra.

The good thing is that saffron do not elicit any unwanted effects on humans. Due to this, further studies are needed.

Panax ginseng

In Korea, this is also known as the red ginseng. This plant claims to be effective in the treatment of erectile dysfunction. It is also found out that ginseng boosts the sexual desire of both male and female lovers. Moreover, ginseng relaxes the muscles and helps to improve the blood flow going to the genital area similar with the action of Viagra.


From the West African yohimbe tree bark, the yohimbine is extracted. It is believed that it can help to boost the sexual performance which was seen on the result from nine studies conducted about two decades ago. However, yohimbine comes with unwanted effects like seizure and death.

Final Thoughts

One best way to increase your sexual desire is to try to improve your health at first, especially for male. In fact, erectile dysfunction is generally associated with poor health and physical activity. Moreover, self-confidence would be one of the effective aphrodisiac.