The Importance Of Microelectronics In The State of Modern Technology

Thanks to mankind’s hunger for knowledge and discoveries, we have continued to develop our technology, which is evident in the way humans live their lives compared to a century ago. For an instance, because of rapid progress in computer sciece and integrated circuits, man can now represent datas through single chips which uses combination of ones and zeros. If we travel back and time and speak to a man of science in the 1800’s, this idea would sound too ridiculous, as one would think that communicating with technology requires high level of language that is too complex for any person to comprehend. However, two very basic numbers have paved the way for mankind’s advances in technology. particularly microelectronics.

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Boolean Logic, Binary numbers and Digital Electronics

Boolean Logic is a system for reducing a problem to a series of true or false propositions which can be respresented by 0 and 1.A problem solver may work out a solution using binary mathematics.Compared to decimals binary numbers use only 0 and  1. The rules for solving logic problems with binary math were set forth in Georgo Boole’s paper in 1854, called “the Laws of Thought

In Boolean Logic, problem solving could be accompanied by atreinging and, or and not. The use of electrical swithes to solve Boolean Logic problems represented in binaby math is called digital eclectronics.  With it, a machine using 3 basic circuits, the input and outputs of which can solve any logic problem, no matter how complex. Interestingly, this same concept is important in many technologies that we enjoy today, especially the gadgets that we use to play video games.

The Importance Of Semiconductors In Microelectronics

Semiconductors are chemical elements or compounds that conduct electricity much more efficiently than insulators, such as rubber and glass, but not as efficiently as conductors, such as copper or aluminum. It is used to amplify electrical signals and to switch signals on and off. It can be said that to access websites such as, the same process applies.

When used as amplifiers vacuum tubes accept weal signals, such as one poicked up by radio antenna, then passes it between a negative and positive electrode. Vacuum tube contain a positive electroide called the anode or collector (because it collects electrons) and a negative electrode, called the cathode or emitter (because it emits electrons). To understand the character of semiconductors, scientist had to consider their atomic structure. 

Semiconductors are also photoelectric which means they produce an electrical current when exposed to light. It makes it ideal to use semiconductors in solar cells.