The Importance of Motorcycle Tie Down Straps

Riding a motorcycle is probably one of the best feelings in the world because aside from making you feel like young and cool, it gives you peace of mind and time to relax. But any motorcycle rider know that there will come a time when you have to transport your vehicle from point A to point B. With this, you have to load your motorcycle on to a truck. With such work comes tying down the vehicle while in transit. This is mandatory. Otherwise, your vehicle will get damaged. Although there are various truck beds that require different methods, there are basic steps that are applicable to any type of method.

One of the crucial equipment when loading and transporting your vehicle through a truck or van is securing a tie down straps to avoid any damage and accident. These tools are important in when it comes to securing your vehicle by tightening them properly. There are two types of tie down straps namely the cam buckle which uses friction from the strap while it passes to the buckle in order to hold the strap. The primary advantage of the cam-type is that it is not easy to set up and it only need a single step to safely secure your bike. Moreover, you can easily adjust the strap. On the other hand, the cons of using this type of buckle is that it does not create great tension compared to the ratchet type tie down.

The ratchet buckle makes sure that your vehicles is properly tied down as it further tightens it. However, with this type of tie down strap, although it can create more tension, it must be handled with care, and requires more effort to accomplish the tightening job compared to the previous type of tie down wherein one step is only allowed to fasten the vehicle.

When tying down your vehicle, regardless of the type of tie down strap, one important thing to consider is the angle of attachment. This is to make sure that the leverage is maximized so as to avoid motorcycle movement that may cause damage.