The TikTok Technology: The AI Platform

ByteDance created a comprehensive international video environment through curious mixture of prediction technology and human censors.

ByteDance is a newer Chinese game player in the big tech firm. It handled to maintain the range of wide market of consumers based on the global scale through its video platform popularly known as TikTok. In China, it is very popular under the name of DouYin in which teenagers and millennial are its most common users. TikTok is a social media app utilized for making and sharing video contents.

Generally, the video content may last for about 15 seconds or less. It may include entertaining music, lip-synch, a skit, joyous dance choreography or a humorous act. Most of the time, challenges and singing duets are the most common categories in which users mostly participate. To date, the app has already been downloaded for about one billion times and more globally.

The AI Platform

TikTok uses the AI technology and it depends on it in two ways. The first way is generally on the side of the consumer. Algorithms behind the app understand individual preferences speedily. Aside from the likes and comments, it also captures the length of each video that has been watched by users as a trend today aside from the trends in smartphone designs.

The second one depends on the producer side. AI technology of TikTok guides the creators of video content to craft viral videos. Video editing process has been simplified and suggestions are available for incorporation of music, filter, hashtags and other trending video enhancements. And these are the reasons Why Do People Love TikTok?

Due to the effectiveness of this AI platform, experts give cautions against the possible addiction to TikTok. Based on statistics, TikTok users on average spend 52 minutes every single day on using the app, like with Facebook and Instagram. During this time span, TikTok app users can able to watch around 200 videos and more. This includes promotional ads or offers.

Leveling Up AI as a TikTok Strategy

Luckily, ByteDance already found its success through its AI format. The platform requires very short videos that usually permit more users to make content easily. Aside from video production, its content delivery has also leveled up the AI platform. The algorithms of AI operate immediately analyzing the behavior and content delivery. This is typically in contrast with simple recommendation making.