Transforming Filmmaking With Today’s Technology

Technology has made it possible and more convenient for people to view their favorite movies as well as be updated of what’s to come.  For instance, filme online and other similar sites allow viewers to watch movie trailers of past, recent and upcoming movies.

Majority of us watch movies for entertainment, which is why the movie industry create films that would not only entertain but also something that we could relate to and somehow teach us life-lessons, as well as something that would open and widen our imagination.

Revolutionizing Filmmaking With Today’s Technology

This has become possible because of technology. Digital technology has advanced to a very superior point and is expected to even surpass it. It is very much evident that digital technology has transformed how everything in our world works, and the movie industry is no exception. Today, movie makers are able to create films that are beyond our imagination. It’s remarkable how much technology has revolutionized the movie industry. Here are two of the many technologies that make filmmaking more incredible:

4K 3D Cameras

LucidCam as well as Google have created 4K 3D VR live production cameras. It is then no surprise that the technology on VR filming is actually existent. In reality, 4K 3D cameras are now being considered to shoot movies for VR playing. Although VR isn’t in the mainstream yet as a cinematic tool, it does possess the capability to do so, may be in the near future.

Drone Cameras that are Autonomous

They aren’t something that is exactly new as there are autonomous drone versions in the market for commercial use. Because of AI as well as machine learning, changes have been made. Now, it is possible to “educate and train” machines to function on its own. Autonomous drones are then practically responsive and sentient.

An autonomous drone intended for making films is a completely different type. It carries all the needed know-how of cinematography and camera techniques and angles – basically everything required to create a good movie. Also, an autonomous drone camera has the capability to evade obstructions while in flight as well as to detect moving objects. MIT researches, at present, have drones that are fully autonomous in the works.