Trends in Smartphone Design Today

In this modern time, smartphone manufacturers stopped competing with each other in making their devices to be the slimmest and smallest much like in spyware available in What is happening on the contrary is, trend is on making smartphones screens bigger and form factor slimmer that almost resembles tablets.

Majority of the new smartphone models have displays that are bigger than 5” and most of them hardly fit in the pockets. While screens these days look bigger, its thickness has this tendency to decrease, all thanks to the technological advancements in the field.

Gadgets as a result are now lighter and slimmer without compromising on productivity and reliability. As a matter of fact, even doing presentations can be done straight from your device.

But what are really the advantages of a bigger display and slimmer design?

With the creation of thousands of applications for smartphones and easy access to fast internet, requirements for screen sizes become more demanding. On top of high-resolution screens as well as the capability of reproducing more vivid colors, the format matters.

Slim Design and Firmer Grip

Today, almost all smartphone manufacturers are producing thinner model phones. Back in the days, seeing a phone that is so compact and thin is more of a rare device. But now, it seems to be the norm for smartphone’s design. Its thickness also play a critical role in the device’s overall assessment. For the past several years, smartphones are seen not just a medium of communication but also, a part of our lifestyle.

Convenience and practicality are the primary factors when zeroing in on a smartphone. Still, design matters. Nowadays, the trend is, the thinner the devices, the more modern it is. Besides, holding a slimmer smartphone is a lot comfortable for the majority.

The Compromise that People have to Sacrifice

While it is true that slimmer phones look modern and convenient, one drawback associated to it is the fact that it can’t keep its charge for extended period of time. Furthermore, bigger displays that have high resolution are consuming lots of power. As a result, batteries are occupying large amount of space in the overall design. But don’t worry if you are heavy smartphone user because every year, battery capacity is being improved.