Truck Improvements that aren’t just for Aesthetics

Much like the difference between newbie and pros, it is the same with a normal pickup truck and tow truck used for RV towing. It’s somewhat safe to say that these trucks are mostly used for roadside assistance as well as vehicle recovery services compared to average tow trucks which are being used in pulling trailers or caravans. Initially, as you look at them, they have same features with other trucks and use the same engine with same power and nothing more. If you think exactly like this, then you better reconsider your thoughts.

To majority of truck aficionados out there, this may be a surprise that tow trucks are sophisticated machines with unique features and settings. Hence, no tow truck has to be deemed as typical pickups. In this article, we will be focusing on technological advancements, machine wise of course about the truck’s features both for emergency vehicle recovery and roadside assistance services.

Towing Capacity

The most significant feature of any tow truck is its towing capacity. Normal trucks usually have passenger or loading capacity that’s totally different from towing capacity. This is basically the ability of the vehicle to pull more than its weight without compromises. The truck’s towing capacity is based entirely on the following:

  • Strength of its body
  • Torque or driving force it generates
  • Horsepower it carries

Curb Weight

This on the other hand is the truck’s total weight (full fuel included). This seems to be a minute difference towards regular truck drivers.

Two truck drivers on the other hand are well aware that the truck’s fuel efficiency should be managed by having good control of the vehicle weight. This makes the appropriate weight ratio calculation feasible that’s then used in determining the truck used to tow a certain vehicle.

Wheelbase Distance

As for this, it’s simply the distance between the rear wheels to the front-wheel axis. This distance is distributing the truck’s weight and whatever it is carrying on either rear or front wheels. In the event that the wheelbase distance isn’t balanced, then there’s a big possibility that the tow truck won’t have the ability to pull heavy vehicles as it is supposed to.