What Is Micro Needling In Cosmetic Technology?

What is Micro Needling? Micro Needling is a technique in the field of skin improvement. Treatment with Micro Needling is an effective way to renew and beautify the skin in depth. Moreover, this is done without damaging the epidermis. The skin needs little recovery time and the treatment is more comfortable and also accurate.

How Does Micro Needling Work?

The technology of Micro Needling makes use of tiny needles that create vibrating tiny channels in the skin. Small vertical channels are made superficially in the skin. These channels are not visible to the naked eye. They ‘injure’ the skin precisely enough to activate it naturally. The stimulation utilizes the natural repair process of the skin that starts deep in the skin. Growth and healing factors are released in the connective tissue. These ensure the production of collagen and elastin (connective tissue).

What Happens To The Skin?

Strengthening the skin and reducing relief
The connective tissue cells (fibroblasts) receive an incentive to produce new connective tissue fibers. The connective tissue in the skin is stimulated. So after a few treatments you will certainly notice that your skin becomes firmer and smoother. Acne scars and wrinkles will gradually decrease.

cell renewal Cell division receives a huge boost . Dead skin cells flake off more rapidly in the weeks after the treatment. New skin cells are created. The horny layer becomes nice and thin again, so that blockages are less likely.

Smoothing the complexion
Excessive pigment, which is present in the horny layer, flakes and fades. This makes sun damage, age spots and other superficial pigmentation spots less visible. Your skin tone becomes smoother and more radiant.

Indications of Micro Needling

  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Acne scars
  • Scars of a different nature
  • Sun damage
  • Pigment disorder
  • Rough skin structure / enlarged pores
  • Stretch marks/stretch marks

Micro Needling Treatment Frequency

The production of connective tissue is a gradual process. This plays “under” the visible skin surface and needs time to achieve the desired results. After an average of 2-4 weeks there is improvement. The final result will be gradually visible. Just as with microdermabrasion and other skin-enhancing therapies, the more treatments, the stronger the effect. Depending on the condition, an average of five to six treatments in a course of treatment (every 2-4 weeks) are required. By treating in a cure, the progress of the process can be monitored. Every treatment with Micro Needling will ultimately be a boost for your skin.

How Does My Skin Respond To The Micro Needling Treatment?

First we apply a hyaluronic acid to the skin. After which we move the Micro Needling pen over the skin. The treatment gives a slightly ‘sharp’ feeling, but is well tolerated. Depending on the type of skin surface and the type of treatment, the skin will look pink / red. The skin can also feel irritating and warm. These symptoms will subside after a day.

Two to three days after the treatment, the skin may look somewhat redder than normal. You can simply resume your daily activities. The skin reaction is hardly noticed for your environment in the end. That is also one of the benefits of Micro Needling. The treatment is friendly to the upper skin layer. Accelerated cell division can also cause your skin to flake lightly, releasing the dead skin cells. This is a favorable response.